About OKFD

Mission Statement
The Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled provides recreational and social activities for those with disabilities.

Enhancing Possibilities for People with Disabilities
Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled’s services are the best-kept secret in adult care choices in central Oklahoma. The foundation is licensed to care for adults, age 18 and older with mental and physical disabilities.

The organization specifically caters to each individual’s special needs. An experienced professional staff serves the participants. Our staff includes certified aids, an occupational therapy professional, an activities director, a social worker, a nurse and a dietician.

Today, OKFD serves 1,000 developmentally disabled adults each year with its programs. These programs provide our clients with extensive social and recreational activities, as well as respite services, for developmentally delayed adults and their families.

The Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled was founded in 1961 by the National Council of Jewish Women through a grant from the Oklahoma City Junior Hospitality Club, Inc. OKFD’s continued presence in the community is made possible through The United Way of the Oklahoma City Metropolitan area and gracious donors.

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